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Iftarathon 2023

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Bring a friend to the mosque any day during Ramadan, and enjoy a iftar meal with them. Upload pictures and videos of you and your guests at the Mosque to earn points.

Majlis-wide Competition

  1. Each Khadim that submits a name of a guest that they brought will receive 1 point for their Majlis/Region.

  2. Each Khadim that submits a picture during the visit and uploads it, gets 2 points for their Majlis/Region.

  3. For each Khadim that submits a 30 second video and uploads it gets 3 points for their Majlis/Region.

Winning Majlis/Region

Best Khadim will get a special Hoodie along with 3 Hoodies for Top Majlis and 6 Hoodies for Top Region. Best Region will get a special running trophy with their region engraved on it​

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