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Meet A Muslim

Did you know?
42% of Americans don't even know the Muslim name of god
62% of Americans don't even know a Muslim
Let's dispel some MYTHS about what Muslims believe about God
Do Muslims have a different God?
In actuality, the personal name for God in Arabic is Allah. It is used by Arab Muslims and Arab Christians
Are Muslims taught to kill?
Muslims are taught in the Holy Quran (the Muslim Holy Book) that all life is sacred and to kill even one person is like killing all of humanity.
Do Muslims believe in Jesus?
Muslims do believe in Jesus as a chosen one of God, sent as the Messiah. He is accepted as a Prophet in Islam.



What do Muslims believe about past prophets and scriptures?

Closed Prayer Book

Muslims believe that all past prophets were sent by God and that the scriptures were Divine revelations in their original form and thus all taught the absolute unity of God. 

Image by Andy Holmes

Who is the Muslim God?


Allah-The name of the One, Supreme-Being also known as God in other faiths.


The Holy Prophet

Muslim Man Praying

six articles of faith

five pillars

God still speaks

"Our God is the One who is alive today as much as He ever was. Likewise, He speaks today as He did in the past; He hears as He used to hear."

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad The Promised Messiah & founder of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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