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Revealed Books & Need of Holy Quran

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

A new bi-weekly series, in which excerpts from the book, Introduction to the Study of The Holy Quran are presented. A highly recommended introduction to Islam. Author of said book, Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, second successor of Promised Messiah (as)

Other Revealed Books

When the Quran was revealed about 1325 years ago there were in the world,

many religions and many religious books. In and near Arabia there were people who

believed in the Old and the New Testaments. Many Arabs had become Christian or

had developed a leaning towards Christianity. Arabs were being converted to the

Jewish religion. Among converts were Ka‘b bin Ashraf, a Medinite chief and a

notorious enemy of Islam, and his father. Ka‘b’s father belonged to the Banu Ta’iyy

tribe. He became so enamoured of the Jewish faith that the Jew, Abu Rafi‘ bin Abi

Huqayq, gave his daughter in marriage to him and Ka‘b was born of this marriage.

In Mecca itself, apart from Christian slaves, there were Meccans who leaned towards

Christianity. Waraqah bin Nawfal, cousin of Khadijah, the first wife of the Holy

Prophet, entertained the Christian belief. He also had some knowledge of Hebrew

and translated the Hebrew Gospels into Arabic. We have in Bukhari:

Waraqah bin Nawfal had accepted Christianity in the period of darkness; and used to translate the Gospels from Hebrew into Arabic.

At the other end of Arabia lived the Iranians, and they also believed in a Prophet and a book. Though the Zend-Avesta had suffered changes at human hands, it was yet held in reverence by many hundreds of thousands of believers and a powerful State was at its back. In India the Vedas had been adored for thousands of years. There was also the Gita of Sri Krishna and the teaching of the Buddha. Confucianism held sway in China but the influence of the Buddha was increasing.

Need of the Quran

In the presence of all these books and teachings, did the world need another book? This is the question which should occur to everyone who starts upon a study of the Quran. Its answer will take many forms:

First, was not this division between religion and religion reason enough for the coming of yet another religion to unite all? Secondly, was not the human mind to undergo a process of evolution similar to that which the human body had already gone through? And, just as physical evolution had ultimately become established, were not mental and spiritual evolution destined towards an ultimate perfection which was the very end of human existence? Thirdly, had not earlier books become so defective that a new book had now become a universal necessity which was met by the Quran? Fourthly, did earlier religions regard their Messages as absolutely final? Did they not believe in continued spiritual progress? Did they not continuously assure their followers of a coming Message which would unite mankind and lead them to their ultimate objective?

The answer to these four questions is the answer to the question concerning the

need of the Quran in the presence of earlier books and Messages.

We proceed to answer these questions one by one.

Was not division between religion and religion reason enough for the coming of

a new Teaching which would unite all earlier teachings?

Will be continued...

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