Press Release: American Muslim Youth Gather for Longest Running Nationwide Retreat

<b><u>For Immediate Release:</u></b> August 08, 2017 <b><u>Contact:</u></b> [email protected] @MuslimYouthUSA <b><i>American Muslim Youth Gather for Longest Running Nationwide Retreat</i></b> Young men will gather in Los Angeles to strengthen faith, identity and relationships Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), the young men’s organization of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, is gathering young Muslim men from across the nation this weekend in Los Angeles for workshops and competitions. The 49th annual retreat is the longest running Muslim youth retreat in the U.S. and aims foster brotherhood and an American Muslim identity among attendees. Amidst a heated political climate which has seen intensified antagonism against Muslims and Islam, Muslim youth will gather to focus on the state of Islam in America, solving the problem of youth radicalization, combating hatred in all forms, and creating a culture of civic mindedness. The 3-day annual retreat commences on Friday, August 11th and typically attracts more than 1,000 youth from around the nation. This year will be the second consecutive retreat hosted on the West Coast and will include a tour of Los Angeles, along with workshops, congregational prayers, and friendly competitions. AMYA leaders and event organizers are available for interview. <i><u>About Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association:<i></u> The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) is a nationwide youth group that works with young Muslim men and boys around the country. The association serves as the young men and boys auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Officially established in the United States in 1939, AMYA is one of the earliest Muslim Youth organizations in the United States. AMYA is a dynamic and vibrant association serving not only the needs of its members but of its local communities and nation. The association is comprised of nearly 5,000 men and boys aged 7 to 39, spread across 70 local chapters. Previous members of AMYA include Grammy Award winning artists and Pulitzer Prize winning journalists. AMYA is headquartered in Silver Spring, MD.**