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“You sign yourself up for heartbreak”: One teaching of Islam….

Updated: May 10, 2023

By Aayan Iqbal

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As Muslim youth in the Western world, we must have seen, experienced, or heard of stories related to having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Growing up, people around me in school always asked, "Why can't you have a girlfriend?" and I would always reply, "It's haram." However, in high school, I got even more specific and now respond with, "I am committed to my future wife."

When it comes to relationships in high school, I often use a hypothetical situation that many can relate to. For example, when someone enters a relationship, they may think that it will last until marriage and that they will have children together. But then, the relationship ends, and one or both parties are left heartbroken. In some cases, people experience depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety, and unfortunately, some have even taken their own lives.

This led me to conclude that when you enter a relationship, you are essentially signing yourself up for potential heartbreak. Society has often viewed Islam as a religion of extremism, but in reality, Islam's teachings are meant to guide us towards a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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