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The Invisible Divinity: Why Can't We See God?

By: Faras Ahmed

Person staring at the night sky

Have you ever wondered why, despite the belief in a higher power, we cannot physically see God? It's a question that has crossed the minds of many, including myself. Today, we'll explore this intriguing conundrum and uncover a simple yet profound explanation. So, let's embark on this journey of understanding, where we'll break down the invisible nature of divinity.

To grasp the concept of why we can't see God, let's start with a familiar analogy: an ice cube. Think about it - this frozen entity possesses a definite shape, can be fragmented, and ultimately melts away. However, its existence is confined within the boundaries of its physical form. In contrast, God transcends physical limitations; His power knows no bounds. It's like comparing the finite nature of an ice cube to the boundlessness of the universe. This stark contrast provides a straightforward yet profound answer to our question.

ice cubes

While the ice cube analogy serves as a concise response, some of us yearn for a more in-depth understanding. We want to explore the theoretical realms that surround the existence of God. In part 2 of this blog post series, we'll delve deeper into these uncharted territories, examining various philosophical and theological perspectives. So stay tuned as we continue our quest to unravel the mysteries of the divine.

In our quest for spiritual enlightenment, the question of why we can't physically see God often arises. By contemplating the limitations of physicality and embracing the notion that God exists beyond the boundaries of form, we gain a fresh perspective. Remember, just like an ice cube, our ability to perceive God is limited by our own finite senses. However, our quest for understanding doesn't end here. Join us in part 2 of this series as we explore the existence of God from different angles, nurturing our curiosity and deepening our spiritual connection.

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